What do packages look like when they are shipped ?

All orders will be sent after receipt of payment by us on the first working day . We understand that our customers rely on our discretion. Because we value the privacy of our customers, all our products are sent in a discrete and sturdy padded brown paper envelope. This unobtrusive protective packaging assures both the quality of the products inside and the privacy of our customers. There are no company logos or advertising on the envelope and we guarantee our customers that there will be absolutely no reference to cannabis or related subjects on the exterior of our packaging. You are a 100% guaranteed that nobody will be able to see what is inside unless they break the seal and open the package.

 What is Stealth Shipping ?

Would you like to play safe if the package is opened by someone else than you ? Then we offer you the option of Stealth Shipping: we hide your precious goods in the DVD case of a real movie DVD and  if it is  necessary we take the seeds out of their bulky original packaging (we attach snippets of the original package) and then the whole is again welded in clear film to make it look like a brand new movie DVD. For curious eyes the shipment looks like a DVD delivery. You can select this shipping option in the ordering process.

 Why do you ship to US with Stealth Shipping only ?

For US customers and some other countries we offer Stealth Shipping only, because there is a good chance that seeds are seized by customs. The customer would receive an empty envelope with a note that seeds are seized. Customers normally don´t like this situation and would ask us for resending. So there are 2 ways to solve this problem: 1. we calculate this risk and offer higher prices for our seeds to US customers or 2. we avoid seizure by our secure Stealth Shipping and keep seed prices low for US customers – we decided to take option 2. and we offer the same low prices to US as to European customers.

 How long does it normally take for an order to arrive ?

We will ship your order as soon as we receive your payment. Receipt of your payment may take longer depending on which payment method you have selected. A bank transfer will take up to 5 working days to arrive. If you haven’t included your 6-digit reference number in the transfer details it will take slightly longer to process your payment. Cash payments will take 2 to 28 days to arrive. It is imperative you send your cash payment by REGISTERED mail. This helps ensure that your cash payment reaches its destination. After we have received your payment it might take anywhere from 2 to 10 days for an order to be delivered, depending on local postal services. Postal services work differently in different countries; some are significantly faster than others. As a result we can only start to make inquiries about missing orders after 28 days. Please note that after shipment of your order we cannot provide you with information on delivery times. If you want to check your order status, please visit the tracking site oft the parcel service

 To which countries do you send seeds ?

We are currently able to send seeds worldwide, where it is legal to send seeds – if you are missing your country in the list just send us an email and we will find a way for delivery.

 How will my order be shipped ?

We normally ship your order with registered mail by the National Postal Service or the fastest National Parcel Service in your country.

 Will I get a tracking code for my order ?

In the cases of Standard Shipping and Stealth Shipping we will not send a tracking code automatically. If your parcel doesn´t arrive within 14 working days we will send you a tracking code.

 I have got a delivery confirmation, but I did not receive my order ?

If you do not receive your order within 14 working days after delivery confirmation, you probably missed the postman and he left a notification with a tracking code. With this notification you can contact the Parcel Service to arrange an appointment or to pick up the parcel. Please contact us, if you did not get a notification and we will find your tracking code.

What are your bank details ?

If you pay by bank transfer, please do not forget to declare your order number (reference number), so we can allocate your payment faster.

CS Handels GmbH
IBAN: AT833823500000114660

How can I save expensive bank charges for my payment to Europe ?

US banks are charging up to 35 USD for a bank transfer to Europe plus exchange charges to change from USD to EUR, but there is a simple way to save a lot of money: Bitwala offers a cheap service to pay in Euro from everywhere in the world. Take a look at Bitwala how to pay your bill in Euro without exchange charges for 0,5% transfer charges only ! Up to EUR 200.– you don´t need even a verification of your personal data, just open an account at Bitwala, enter our bank details and the amount in Euro, send the necessary Bitcoins to Bitwala and they will pay us quickly in Euro within 2 working days – anonymous, cheap and quick !

 How can I check that you received my order ?

You will receive an email from us confirming that your order has been placed. If you have placed an order and not yet received this notice, please check your email program’s spam folder. If you have placed your order correctly, checked your spam folder and have still not received a confirmation email, you probably provided us with a wrong email address or your mail quota exceeded. Just empty your mail box, send us a new order and you will receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes. Don´t worry about the first order, because unpaid orders are deleted after 6 weeks automatically.

 How can I cancel an order ?

If you haven’t transferred any payment to us, your order will be deleted automatically from our order system, with no further action required on your part. All your order details will be automatically deleted from our files after 6 weeks.  If we already received your payment your order can only be cancelled if your order hasn’t been shipped yet.

 My credit card was declined – what can I do ?

If you and your issuer of the credit card are located in US the payment with your credit card in our European web shop may be declined for security reasons by your credit card company. If an online merchant is based in a foreign country, your activity will be registered as a purchase abroad and credit card may not work. A quick call to your issuer, alerting it to international purchases, can clear the air.